0.44%, and that includes horses

“Meat Eater’s Guide”

On Monday the Environmental Working Group released their version of a life cycle assessment for meat production and consumption.  From what I know, this is the first attempt to to model the entire meat system instead of only modeling livestock production.  That effort deserves some applause.  But hold on … you really need to read the document. Continue reading


Slaughter, Harvest, and Implications of the New Diction


slaughter Look up slaughter at Dictionary.comc.1300, “killing of a cattle or sheep for food, killing of a person,” from O.N. *slahtr, akin to slatr “a butchering, butcher meat,” slatra “to slaughter,” and slattr “a mowing;” related to sla “to strike” (see slay), from P.Gmc. *slukhtis. Meaning “killing of a large number of persons in battle” is attested from mid-14c. The verb is from 1530s. (Source:  etymonline.com) Continue reading

Lean Beef Manufacturer on the E. coli Testing Up and Up

Novel Beef Safety Intervention in the Spotlight

Yesterday morning a reader forwarded me a video released by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI), highlighting an announcement that the company is going to start testing all of their product for non-O157 STEC’s before releasing it into commerce. If you remember, BPI is the South Dakota-based company whose lean beef recovery process came under fire in early 2010. It was the subject of a New York Times article in which the headline questioned the product’s safety.
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Everybody’s A Food Safety Expert — To A Point?

Everybody has their food safety opinions, myself included

Whether one is professionally representing some agricultural industry segment or one’s farming or ranching operation, it seems that nowadays everybody is a food safety expert.  It does not matter whether you have farmed all of your life or are new to farming, studied finance or history or underwater basketweaving, somehow — as if by magic — you are qualified to provide expert commentary on nearly anything related to food safety.   Continue reading