Lean Beef Manufacturer on the E. coli Testing Up and Up

Novel Beef Safety Intervention in the Spotlight

Yesterday morning a reader forwarded me a video released by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI), highlighting an announcement that the company is going to start testing all of their product for non-O157 STEC’s before releasing it into commerce. If you remember, BPI is the South Dakota-based company whose lean beef recovery process came under fire in early 2010. It was the subject of a New York Times article in which the headline questioned the product’s safety.
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Everybody’s A Food Safety Expert — To A Point?

Everybody has their food safety opinions, myself included

Whether one is professionally representing some agricultural industry segment or one’s farming or ranching operation, it seems that nowadays everybody is a food safety expert.  It does not matter whether you have farmed all of your life or are new to farming, studied finance or history or underwater basketweaving, somehow — as if by magic — you are qualified to provide expert commentary on nearly anything related to food safety.   Continue reading

Meat Glue Mania and Mayhem

The video

An Australian video pertaining to “meat glue” has been circulating around the interwebs recently, and because it (1) involves meat and (2) indicates some form of food processing or alteration occurs, it has resulted in multiple “outcries” regarding the use of transglutaminase and thrombin meat products.  But first, the video causing this ruckus: Continue reading

Safe Pork Temperatures Lowered to 145ºF — But Not For All Fresh Pork?

Yesterday USDA FSIS announced that the new recommended safe minimum internal temperature for fresh, whole-muscle pork is now 145ºF, down 15ºF from the previously recommended 160ºF.  The 145ºF recommendation also includes a 3 minute rest period because meat will continue to cook, and the temperature will continue to rise (albeit slightly) after it is removed from the heat source. Continue reading