Steak 4 oz. at a Time: A Glimmer of Single-Serving Hope

3 ounces

Growing up, when we had steak for dinner it usually meant that everybody got one serving of steak — or in our house, one steak per person.  And, if someone at the table couldn’t finish their steak, there was no problem finding someone to finish off those leftovers.  Never in our house did we think of a “serving” of steak as being 3 oz. of meat. Continue reading

Meat Glue Mania and Mayhem

The video

An Australian video pertaining to “meat glue” has been circulating around the interwebs recently, and because it (1) involves meat and (2) indicates some form of food processing or alteration occurs, it has resulted in multiple “outcries” regarding the use of transglutaminase and thrombin meat products.  But first, the video causing this ruckus: Continue reading

Love Meat Tender :: The 10 Most Tender Beef Muscles

Twice in the last 24 hours I have encountered some misunderstanding about the relative tenderness ranking of beef muscles. In one case, someone asked about the teres major (petite tender, and thank you for asking!) and in another, I found an article about prime rib (a very poor article about prime rib) stating that the the only muscle more tender than the longissimus (more specifially, longissimus thoracis = ribeye and longissimus lumborum = loin eye) is the psoas major (tenderloin). Not so fast. Continue reading

Flat Iron Steaks with a Side Order of Confusion

A few weeks ago I was perusing the meat case of a “big-box” retailer, and their “Flat Iron” steaks caught my eye.  Not because there was anything particularly dazzling about these steaks, but because they were wrongly labeled!  There is much confusion circulating about what a Flat Iron steak really is.  Mind you, it’s not just the big guys doing this.  There are also small-scale butchers laxly and inaccurately slapping the Flat Iron name onto the wrong cut. Continue reading