New Rules for Pennsylvania Farmers’ Market Vendors

We’ve received many questions in regard to some changes Pennsylvania has made for licensing Farmers’ Market vendors.  Below is an article that appeared on Lancaster Farming’s website last Saturday.  It’s a good summary of the situation and what individuals interested in selling food items at Farmers’ Markets, including meat, need to do.

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Butchering the Rules :: Part 1

Each week I visit with a variety of small-scale meat processors in and around Pennsylvania, sharing with me their most recent concerns or challenges.  The Commonwealth is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to local meat processing infrastructure … because it has one.  There are a handful of similar states, namely Ohio and Wisconsin, yet those states have a state meat inspection program.  Pennsylvania, on the other hand, relies on federal inspection, and because of that, we have more USDA-inspected small and very small (those are USDA categories) plants than any other state. Continue reading

The “story” behind grassfed beef

Telling the Grass-Fed Beef Story

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Dr. John Comerford
Associate Professor and Extension Beef Specialist
Department of Dairy and Animal Science
The Pennsylvania State University

Beef customers are being told many things about their food these days.  The advertisements for beef products shout this product is safer, this one is healthier, this one is better for the environment, and many other claims of value.  Continue reading