Meat Eater’s Guide (to Unrelated Recommendations?)

The Methodology

As a separate document, the Environmental Working Group published the their methodology for “Meat Eater’s Guide.”  Before reading the final report, it is beneficial to read the methods for the research presented in the “Guide.”  To develop their life cycle assessment (LCA) of GHG’s associated with meat consumption, many assumptions had to be made.   Continue reading

0.44%, and that includes horses

“Meat Eater’s Guide”

On Monday the Environmental Working Group released their version of a life cycle assessment for meat production and consumption.  From what I know, this is the first attempt to to model the entire meat system instead of only modeling livestock production.  That effort deserves some applause.  But hold on … you really need to read the document. Continue reading

Form-fitting Meat Packaging

During Memorial Day weekend, like many other Americans I fired up my barbecue grill, opting to cook bratwurst one afternoon.  I purchased a package of brats from an area supermarket and when I got home, I only then noticed something unique about the packaging (yes, the title of this post is to be taken literally).  Yes, the packaging of this meat product was fitted to the products shape. Continue reading

The “story” behind grassfed beef

Telling the Grass-Fed Beef Story

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Dr. John Comerford
Associate Professor and Extension Beef Specialist
Department of Dairy and Animal Science
The Pennsylvania State University

Beef customers are being told many things about their food these days.  The advertisements for beef products shout this product is safer, this one is healthier, this one is better for the environment, and many other claims of value.  Continue reading