Beyond Animal Rights, The Antibiotics Battle (from NYTimes)

I came across an blog article listed in the Environment section of the New York Times (posted this morning) pertaining to animals rights and the administration of antibiotics to livestock (the article is also posted below).  I am usually underwhelmed by the livestock and meat articles associated with the Times — not the case with this article! It is fair, balanced, and paints a pretty accurate picture of the animal welfare (which differs from animal rights) and antibiotic use debates.   Continue reading

PSU researchers explore antimicrobial edible film for meat packaging

University Park, Pa. — A team of food scientists in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences has shown that an edible film can be used for wrapping ready-to-eat meat products to deliver a slow release of a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent capable of killing a foodborne pathogen. Continue reading

Emergency Response Training … for Livestock

Many of our Penn State Extension educators are actively engaged in various emergency response planning/training for animals.  Ms. Spahr, a member of our Livestock Natural Working Group, addressed an interesting point below … that there was once a time when firefighters and other emergency responders in rural/suburban areas had some experience working with livestock, but that may no longer be the case.   Continue reading

NCBA Report – Controlling Dust Controls E. coli

This is interesting — controlling dust “kicked up” by cattle while loading them onto a truck seems to suppress hide contamination.  In the back of my mind, I am imagining images posted by so many “feedlot naysayers” who (it now seems, inaccurately) attribute the mud and muck to carcass hide contamination.  Mud, a bane to many cattle farmers living in “wetter” climates — might be a good thing for food safety?

Continue reading