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“Meat Eater’s Guide”

On Monday the Environmental Working Group released their version of a life cycle assessment for meat production and consumption.  From what I know, this is the first attempt to to model the entire meat system instead of only modeling livestock production.  That effort deserves some applause.  But hold on … you really need to read the document. Continue reading

Slaughter, Harvest, and Implications of the New Diction


slaughter Look up slaughter at Dictionary.comc.1300, “killing of a cattle or sheep for food, killing of a person,” from O.N. *slahtr, akin to slatr “a butchering, butcher meat,” slatra “to slaughter,” and slattr “a mowing;” related to sla “to strike” (see slay), from P.Gmc. *slukhtis. Meaning “killing of a large number of persons in battle” is attested from mid-14c. The verb is from 1530s. (Source:  etymonline.com) Continue reading

Educating with Existent Training Programs

Yesterday an article appeared on Huffington Post that featured NCBA’s Master of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program.  The six-module MBA online program supplies positive descriptions of how cattle are typically raised, beef safety information, best-practices for environmental stewardship and more, all interspersed with various beef marketing messages.   Continue reading

Meat educational tools developed for the classroom

There are many opportunities to bring agricultural topics to classrooms nationwide.  Examples include Ag In the Classroom lessons, and even [anti-meat] presentation materials developed by animal rights groups.  Balancing this out, on the other side of the ring we now have new educational materials developed by the American Meat Institute. Continue reading

Coverage of a recent beef workshop

Two Friday’s ago I made the trek to Shaefferstown, PA, to a local meat market, invited by Morgan Firestine (you might know her blog, Animal Science News, or follow her on Twitter – @mfiretweets) to speak to cattle producers and high school agricultural science students about beef.  After all, May is Beef Month in Pennsylvania.   Continue reading