A “Leg-up” for Direct Marketers: Mobile Payment

Our Agricultural Entrepreneurship team at Penn State, in collaboration with other universities, has been developing as series of webinars pertaining to communications and marketing opportunities for independent producers in a large, digital world.  One such topic that will be discussed is mobile payment options for credit cards.  About two months ago I ordered takeout and paid using my debit card and their iPad.  I thought it was pretty cool at first, then I got to thinking about direct marketing of agricultural products.

I picture a Farmers’ Market or other direct-to-consumer scenarios – a common factor being that they often cannot  accept credit or debit card payments.  About two weeks after my iPad-paid Pad Thai I encountered mobile payment once again at an Apple store, this time using iPhones.

Curiosity got the best of me, so I went out and found the right attachment (it was about $10, and that can be recovered using the service) and signed up for an account with SquareUp.  This just happens to be the one I found … there many other tools like SquareUp available.  In about 10 minutes of setting up the gizmo that pops into my iPhone headset receiver and signing up for an account using a web browser, I charged myself $5.00 (plus a $2.00 tip to see if the tip function worked).  Soon enough, it credited my account and all I lost in this experiment was 2.75% of the total transaction.

Such tools can be used by individuals having a garage sale, a waiter taking payment at the table, or an agricultural entrepreneur selling green beans and gourds at a Farmers’ Market.  Beef, pork – or even if you’re a custom venison processor looking for payment options – this could be an option for you.


4 thoughts on “A “Leg-up” for Direct Marketers: Mobile Payment

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  2. While doing some farmer’s market surveys this past summer, I saw a few vendors who are using this. I purchased veal chops from one farmer who used this feature. She said she really liked it although some times the swip didn’t work but that was ok because she can simply type in the information for the transaction.

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