FSIS releases a usable, mobile tool – complete with QR Code

I don’t know how I missed this … earlier this month, USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) launched “Mobile Ask Karen,” an mobile version of their web-based Q&”A” outreach program, Ask Karen.  According to FSIS, this is a way for consumers to get accurate food safety information on-the-go.  My only questions is:  How many people actually know about Ask Karen, let alone what FSIS is?  Thankfully some people at FSIS are playing with emergent web tools so people can more easily access this information.  There is a Mobile Ask Karen QR code available.  I wonder, what is the best use for this?  Should this code be placed on retail packages or would that imply the product is not safe?  Would a display at the deli be appropriate?  There are many possible locations to familiarize smartphone-using consumers with this information.  One opportunity for this to be shared, given farmers so often claim to produce food and attempt to make consumer connections, is that “agvocates” share this QR code on their blogs, in their tweets, and on their Facebook pages.



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