Meat educational tools developed for the classroom

There are many opportunities to bring agricultural topics to classrooms nationwide.  Examples include Ag In the Classroom lessons, and even [anti-meat] presentation materials developed by animal rights groups.  Balancing this out, on the other side of the ring we now have new educational materials developed by the American Meat Institute.

The AMI has developed a series of presentations, along with supporting materials such as permission letters and presentation tips, pertaining to the meat industry.  There are increasingly more agricultural “advocacy” campaigns geared toward both youth and adults, yet they pertain largely to production and (my opinion) fall short when it comes to the “meat side” of livestock production.  I think it also the AMI materials are a bit more engaging – i.e., the demos and games – and also give food safety advice and tips (compared with just saying the food is “safe“).

These materials could, as an example, be used by older 4-H’ers or FFA members interested in outreach work in their community. Who will be the messengers into urban and suburban schools, where 4-H and/or FFA are not present?

And, I hear there are more modules coming…



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