Help me name my hormone-free cow

Hormone-free” animal products are impossible to produce.  But Eureka!, I have located the fabled hormone-free beef! (In a box of steak-shaped bandaids…, that box makes for a nice business card case, BTW.)

Below is a picture of my hormone-free cow and sadly, it is nameless.  So far,  the following names have been suggested:

  • Tiny B. Ovine
  • Bovinator
  • Horatio
  • Hofree
  • Revy
  • Ralgro

I’m open to suggestions, so please add them as a comment.  Thanks much!


5 thoughts on “Help me name my hormone-free cow

  1. Alas, Dessy (short for diethylstilbestrol) has been recommended. I like Dessy, but may go with Desi instead. I am also partial to Revy (short for Revalor), but am also considering Arnold (as in Schwarzenegger).

  2. Question first. Does this poly bovine ingest or otherwise receive any form of ionophores or ABs?

    If not, then I say call her the Resinator. 🙂

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