The Art of Beef Cutting

Friend and fellow meat geek Kari Underly, an expert butcher, is finalizing her new book, The Art of Beef Cutting: A Meat Professional’s Guide to Cutting and Merchandizing Techniques.  About one year ago I had the privilege of leafing through this comprehensive guide, and I’m very excited that it should be available this summer!

There are various meat cutting guides, some are pretty straightforward, others not so much.  Many have pictures and are laden with technical mumbojumbo, yet this one, though a “professional’s guide,” is (or at least the version I saw was!) pretty user-friendly.

In addition to featuring top-notch photography, this book has cutting guides in Spanish, as well as cuts that are more considered to be more traditionally “Asian” or “Hispanic.”

How do I know Kari?  Beef programs.  She’s one of the meat cutting whiz’s behind newly developed beef cuts like the Flat Iron and the Denver steaks.  She also had much to do with developing the Beef Alternative Merchandizing campaign (or, BAM) — which I think is pretty fantastic.  Her cutting expertise is highlighted in a series of BAM cutting videos on YouTube, and that’s Kari’s voice narrating.

Why am I sharing this with you?  I often receive questions like this:  What’s the best cutting guide? Right now, I usually recommend YouTube.  Yet for those of us cutting meat in a butcher shop may not have a computer in the cold room (or your SmartPhone gets poor reception in there), a hard copy could be very beneficial.  I think it is will be an excellent resource for meat cutters and a very nice complement to existing guides like the NAMP Meat Buyer’s Guide.


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