Chuck Roll Cuts

This is a fantastic video about cutting various steaks and roasts from the beef chuck roll.  Many farmers in our area are interested in “direct marketing,” including selling beef at farmers’ markets.  Cutting beef a little bit differently may help you produce more steaks (vs. lower-value roasts and ground beef), and thus, generate a greater return to you, the beef producer. If your butcher is not familiar with these cuts, you can show him or her this video as well as other resources developed by the Beef Innovations Group.  It is possible that your butcher may not be able to cut meat this way (for a variety of reasons)… but, you’ll never know if you don’t ask…NOTE: All of the numbers used to identify the various cuts exist as a standardized merchandising known as “Institutional Meat Purchasing Specifications,” or IMPS. All of this information is outlined in the Meat Buyer’s Guide. (I think of this book as sort of a picture menu for identifying and ordering various cuts of meat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 thoughts on “Chuck Roll Cuts

  1. Great resource! Thanks. Would love to see more video instruction like this.

    Question: I often order cases of what I know to be called “chuck flats.” I have also seen it marketed as chuck “flap.”

    I’m wondering if it is simply the chuck roll sliced from end to end? The pieces around 1#, are about 4″ thick and 6″ or more inches long. Any idea?


    • I’d want to see a picture to be certain, but I am almost certain that the chuck flat would be what they’re calling the underblade, cutting the Denver steaks from it…

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