Evolving #meatcamp

By Christopher R. Raines

Once a week @CarrieOliver and @I conduct a Twitter forum called #meatcamp.  While much of the focus of this forum in on the eating quality of various meats (primarily beef, lamb and pork), we recognize there are always new and emerging questions about meat.

For now, the chat session will be structured like this: In the first hour, a specific “topic” will be addressed by us and the Twitterverse.  For example, this week, we plan to chat about cattle breeds.  In the past, we’ve talked about different phases of beef production (from farm to fork), uses of holiday feast leftovers, and factors that affect meat flavor.  In the subsequent half-hour, we open the “floor” (or monitor?) to general questions, likely “hot topics” about meat that week.  Rather than having a directed set of questions (i.e., the format Q1, Q2… — during which new questions are often posed), we will let the questions come in as the conversation progresses.

You can join us by watching the stream for #meatcamp on sites like Twubs.com or Tweetchat.com, and if you’re a Twitter user, you can participate in our open dialogue using those sites, or with a Twitter client such as Tweetdeck.

We hope to tweet you at #meatcamp each Thursday at 8 p.m. ET (…unless Thursday happens to be a big holiday, like, oh Christmas or New Year’s Eve recently…).