What is #meatcamp?

By Christopher R. Raines

The hashtag feature with Twitter allows Twitter users to search for topics or keywords marked with a hash/pound mark. The #meatcamp is exactly such a designation we are using to organize questions and answers anyone has about meat.  Questions about cuts? Flavors? Tenderness? Cooking?  You can ask them at an online weekly forum if you’re a Twitter user.

This is a joint effort between myself (@iTweetMeat on Twitter) and Carrie Oliver of Oliver Ranch (@OliverRanch on Twitter).  There are some online forums for general agriculture, most famously #AgChat, which brings everyone together in a wonderful stream of thoughts, questions, and executable ideas.  The #meatcamp differs in that it’s simply an ask-the-expert session where we’re available to answer your questions.  We also hope that there will be other meat experts available to provide any additional insight to questions posed.  We hope that it will be casual, relaxed.  We will be at our computers Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. through 9:00 pm ET.  If you cannot participate during that time, you can direct message either of us questions and we will post and answer them.  You can simply then search the #meatcamp hashtag and hopefully the answer will be there for you, along with everyone else, to read.