Scam Targets Small Businesses

Many small meat processors (i.e. “Mom & Pop Butcher Shops”) nationwide have recently reported a resurgence of an old scam – pay the private courier before the customer pays for the meat.

Here’s a likely scenario for what happens:

  1. Someone contacts the plant and places a meat order using TTD phone with human operator
  2. “Customer” arranges a private courier to pick up the meat
  3. The butcher / meat processors is asked to pay the courier for delivery before the meat is picked up (which won’t happen)

Both fraud and identity theft (via credit card) are implicated with this scam.  If you’re contacted about some sort of shady delivery arrangement such as this, beware.  The issue has come to light because many members of the National Association of Meat Processors and American Association of Meat Processors have been contacted by the swindlers.

Hopefully none were successfully swindled.