How-To BAM! Videos

Presented below are my favorite five “How-To-Cut” videos for cuts recently developed via the Beef Alternative Merchandising (BAM) initiative funded by The Beef Checkoff.  These videos are terrific references for meat cutters wanting to learn about something that might be a little different from the “norm.”  They also may help explain to consumers what some of these “new” cuts are, and how best to utilize them in their kitchen or on their barbecues.  Unlike some other meat cutting how-to videos, the narration is very helpful and the images are very clear. The five videos, linked from BAM’s YouTube Vlog, are:

1.  Cutting the Sirloin Cap

2. Cutting the Top Sirloin Filet

3. Cutting the Top Loin Filet

4. Cutting the Ribeye Filet

5. Cutting the Ribeye Cap